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M Goss & Sons have farmed here at Woodlands Farm in Weston Underwood for 3 generations. Underneath our farm land near Olney in North Buckinghamshire lies a seam of top quality limestone, mellow and creamy in colour, that for centuries has been a source of material used to build so many of the beautiful limestone properties, both period and contemporary, that you see in our local area and further afield. Often with  a characterful natural blue streak, and loved by the planners in the three counties on whose border we sit, our stone blends perfectly with the area and creates a beautiful finish, whatever your project.

Our family run quarry was reopened 50 years ago and is now run alongside the family farm. We quarry the stone in a low scale way that has a minimal impact on the area, before restoring the land to agricultural use. It is then brought back to the farm, where we use local skilled labour to ‘crop’ the stone, making it ready for a variety of uses.

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